EEA Scholarship Programme Slovakia

Summary of the 2nd call for proposals for Inter-institutional cooperation projects and list of Project Promoters

On 11 May 2015, the 2nd and last call for proposals under the measures Inter-institutional cooperation between higher education institutions and in upper secondary education/training, EEA/EHP-SK06-IV-V-02, was closed. All together there were submitted 20 grant applications, out of which 5 from upper secondary schools, 15 from higher education institutions.

The Progemme Operator verifyed the compliance of the grant applications with the formal correctness criteria and the applicants had the possibility to rectify identified shortcomings. All applications were reviewed by two independent and impartial experts evaluators. 1 grant application did not met the treshold for grant awarding and was declined. The Programme Operator prepared 2 lists of projects ranked based on projects evaluation by the experts separately for each measure – one list for grant applications submitted by upper secondary schools and one list for grant applications submitted by higher education institutions – for review of the international Selection Committee.

There will be supported 3 projects of upper secondary schools and 9 projects of higher education institutions. For details, please see the following documents:

Last modified: 2015-12-04