EEA Scholarship Programme Slovakia

What is EEA Scholarship Programme Slovakia?

Through the European Economic Area (EEA) Agreement, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are partners in the internal market with 27 EU member states. The objective of the EEA Agreement is to create a homogenous European Economic Area that share common interest in the free movement of goods, services, persons and capital in the internal market.

The EEA Grants represent the contribution of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway to reducing economic and social disparities and to strengthening bilateral relations with 16 EU countries in Central and Southern Europe. Main objective is to strengthen bilateral relations and reduce economic and social disparities in the European Economic Area.

The contribution to the Slovak Republic is more than EUR 80 million for the period 2009 – 2014 and is divided into nine programmes (see also and

About the Programme

EEA Scholarship programme Slovakia (EEA SP) is unique tool to increase higher education student and staff mobility, as well as strengthen inter-institutional cooperation between higher education institutions and institutions on upper secondary level in Slovakia as Beneficiary State on one hand and Donor States - Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein on the other hand.

EEA Scholarship Programme Slovakia is funded by the EEA Grants (85%) and state budget of the Slovak Republic (15%), in total amount €2,255,882.

The Progamme should be implemented from february 2014 till february 2017. During this period will be published 6 calls for proposals.

SAIA, n. o. has been established the Programme Operator of the EEA Scholarship Programme Slovakia by the Government Office of the Slovak Republic as the National Focal Point of EEA Grants in Slovakia based on the public procurement competition.

Who may participate?

This Programme is for institutions, not individuals. Apply may all upper-secondary schools and higher education institutions with the seat in Slovakia. The condition of eligibility is to find a partner education institution with the seat in one of the Donor States - Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and to submit joint project application.

Upper-secondary schools and higher education institution with the seat on Donor States may apply for grant under measure Preparatory visits and meetings.

More information on partner search can be found in section Are you looking for a partner institution?

What possibilities does the Programme offer?

EEA Scholarship Programme Slovakia will allow prospective candidates from Slovakia to establish contacts with educational institutions in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, to agree on the joint implementation of topics of common interests, or prepare a project proposal under one of the measures of EEA SP. The objective of joint projects is to form the basis for long-term cooperation and mutual international mobility of students, PhD students and academic staff of educational institutions.

Candidates can apply for a grant in the following measures:

When to sumbit a project proposal?

Schedule of planned calls for proposals can be found in section Calls for proposals.

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