EEA Scholarship Programme Slovakia

Preparatory visits and meetings

The objective of preparatory visits and meetings is to establish new cooperation or to further develop previous institutional contacts. Target of the meetings should be planning of a joint project and/or preparation of conditions for future cooperation, mainly to prepare a project proposal under one of other measures of EEA Scholarship Programme Slovakia.

Eligible activities

The preparatory visit may take place in the form of a bilateral visit of the representatives of institutions or of a project meeting of the representatives of several institutions in Slovakia or in the programme Donor States.

Short-term mobility shall be used for one of activities below:

a)   Preparatory visit – the grant shall cover travel costs, travel insurance and subsistence costs of a staff member(s) from Norwegian, Icelandic or Liechtenstein eligible organisation to undertake the visit in a partner eligible organisation in Slovakia or costs of staff members(s) from Slovak eligible organisation to undertake the visit to a partner eligible organisation in Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein.

a)   Organisation of a preparatory meeting – grant shall cover travel costs, travel insurance and subsistence costs of a staff member from an eligible partner organisation seated in Slovakia, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein. If justified, the meeting may also be attended by a person from industrial or non-profit organisation with its seat in one of the countries: Slovakia, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, further referred to as “organisation of practice”. If a person from the organisation of practice is to be invited to a meeting, participation of representatives of both the eligible applicant and at least one eligible partner is expected.

Eligible applicant and partner

The eligible applicant and eligible partner for the Preparatory visit/meeting grant is an organisation (not an individual), namely upper secondary school or higher education institution with the seat in one of the countires Slovakia, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein.

Applicants from donor states must have at least 1 partner upper secondary school or higher education institution with the seat in Slovakia. If you plan to organise a preparatory meeting in your home country, additional eligible partner can be organisation of pracice from Slovakia, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein. Participation of such organisation shall contribute to the fulfilment of the overall objective of this measure and future involvement of the organisation of practice is foreseen within other measures of EEA Scholarship Programme Slovakia. 


There shall be two calls for proposals for Preparatory visits and meetings, making available at least €25,380. Contribution from EEA Grants represents 85% and contribution from the state budget of the Slovak Republic is 15% of the total amount.

Grants from the Programme will cover 100% of total eligible project costs. Co-financing of Preparatory visit/meeting is therefore not required, unless the determined limits have been exceeded.

The applications can only be supported till funds determined for the relevant call of the Measure are exhausted.

Eligibe expenditures

Minimum grant is not specified, maximum grant shall not exceed €4,500.

The eligible expenditures are:

  • travel costs
  • travel insurance
  • subsistence costs

Maximum amount for covering the travel costs and travel insurance is jointly EUR 700 per person.  These expenses are covered based on actual incurred expenditures.

Subsistence costs (per diems, accommodation, local travel, necessary additional expenses) are calculated and paid out according to the length of stay abroad. Daily subsistence allowance rates are as follows:

  • Stay in a Donor State: €210 per person per day;
  • Stay in Slovakia: €100 per person per day.

How to apply?

Submission of the grant application

The completed grant application form with uploaded electronic version of all annexes must be submitted electronically via on-line application system accessible from this webpage, on continuous basis, at least 6 weeks prior the planned implementation. Decisive for registration into the applicants' list is the date and time of submitting of the grant application in the on-line application system.

Selection process

Grant applications submitted via the on-line application system will be evaluated on continuous basis in the order they are received (FIFO system – “first in, first served/out”), based on assessment of administrative compliance criteria, eligibility criteria and content related criteria. Selection of grant applications is the responsibility of the Selection Committee. Specific selection criteria will be annexed to the relevant call for proposals. Programme Operator will decide on the application within 4 weeks from the date of submission of the grant application.

Decision made by the Programme Operator is final. There exists no legal entitlement for the applicant to be awarded the grant applied for.

Payment of the grant and reporting

Grant beneficiary will be provided with an advance payment for the Preparatory visit/meeting in the amount of 80% of the total approved funds. The remaining 20% will be provided to the grant beneficiary following the delivery of the final project report and after their approval by the Programme Operator.


when to apply?

There are planned two calls for proposals, one in the first quarter of 2014 and one in the fourth quarter of 2014.

For detailed information see the section Calls for propsals.

Last modified: 2014-02-14