EEA Scholarship Programme Slovakia

Mobility projects in higher education

This Measure aims to increase international mobility of students, PhD students and academic staff at higher education institutions (HEIs) with the seat in Slovakia and in EEA Programme Donor States (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) and hold an Erasmus University Charter.

Eligible activities

It is expected to involve in a project at least 1 incoming student, PhD student or staff member from the partner HEI from Donor States to Slovakia.

Duration of projects is 18 - 20 months maximum.

a) Long-term mobility of students and PhD students at HEIs

At 1st and 2nd level of higher education study periods of 3 up to 12 months, normally not shorter than one trimester/semester, at PhD level study periods lasting at minimum 1 month up to 12 months. Mobility shall take place within one academic year (from August/September till July/August). Sending and hosting HEI shall conclude ECTS Learning Agreement about participating students. The condition of this activity is international mobility between Slovakia and the Donor States.

b) Mobility of academic staff – teaching assignments

This activity enables academic staff be a short-term visiting lecturer at a partner HEI. The mobility may take from 3 days to 6 weeks. The minimum requirement is 5 teaching hours per assignment. The activities of staff undertaking a teaching assignment in a HEI should be integrated into the curricula of the host institution. Sending and hosting HEI shall conclude Individual Teaching Programme.

Eligible applicant and partner

The eligible applicant is an organisation (not an individual), namely higher education institution with the seat Slovakia. An eligible applicant must have at least one partner from at least one Donor State – Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein.

An eligible partner from the Donor States shall be a HEI.

Both eligible applicant and eligible partner must hold valid Erasmus University Charter.

Students and academic staff apply to their home institution.


There shall be two calls for proposals for Mobility projects, making available €600,000. Contribution from EEA Grants represents 85% and contribution from the state budget of the Slovak Republic is 15% of the total amount.

Grants from the Programme will cover 100% of total eligible project costs. Co-financing is therefore not required, unless the determined limits have been exceeded.

Eligibe expenditures

The minimum amount of grant assistance applied for per project is €25,000; the maximum amount is €80,000.

Eligible expenditures are:

a) Travel expenses and insurance

Travel expenses up to 700 EUR per person both ways. Travel expenses and travel insurance are covered based on actual incurred expenditures (invoices and bills documenting travel costs are required).

b) Scholarships and daily allowances (per diems, accommodation, local travel, necessary additional expenses)

For mobility participants the following monthly scholarships apply:

  • From Donor States to Slovakia
    • Students and PhD students: €600/month
    • Staff: €1,000/month
  • From Slovakia to Donor States
    • Students and PhD students: €1,125/month
    • Staff: €2,100/month

For shorter mobility periods rates of daily subsistence allowances apply:

  • From Donor States to Slovakia
    • Students and PhD students: €80/day
    • Staff: €100/day
  •  From Slovakia to Donor States
    • Students and PhD students: €150/day
    • Staff: €210/day

For people holding a disability certificate, scholarships may be increased by up to 40%, however the maximum amount of grant assistance applied for per project shall not be exceeded.

c) Organisation of mobility

Organisation of mobility is a lump sum of 10% of total direct costs of mobility. This sum is to be distributed among the Project Promoter and Project Partner as stipulated in their Partnership Agreement.


How to apply?

Submission of the application

The completed application form with uploaded electronic version of all annexes must be submitted electronically via on-line application system accessible from this webpage, and its signed version must be sent in 1 original and 1 copy latest on the day of deadline of the respective call for proposals. The hardcopy must be delivered to the seat of Programme Operator latest 5 working days after the deadline of the call for proposals. The stamp is decisive.

Selection process

Every application will be assessed in terms of formal requirements based on the administrative compliance criteria and the applicant's eligibility criteria and, subsequently, in terms of its content. Specific selection criteria will be annexed to the relevant call for proposals. Evaluation and selection of grant applications is the responsibility of the Programme Operator.

Decision made by the Programme Operator is final. There exists no legal entitlement for the applicant to be awarded the grant applied for.

Payment of the grant and reporting

Grant beneficiary will be provided with an advance payment in the amount of 80% of the total approved funds after signing the contract. The Project Promoter may receive additional interim payments which combined do not exceed 90% of the grant awarded, provided that at least 40% of the total project costs have been incurred. The remaining 10% of the contribution will be paid to the Project Promoter after the approval of the final balance report by the Programme Operator.


when to apply?

There are planned two calls for proposals, one in the second quarter of 2014 and one in the fourth quarter of 2014.

For detailed information see the section Calls for propsals.

Last modified: 2013-12-03